How things have changed...

The technologies that are now available to allow for building a model and make it somewhat close to the picture on the box, even by a novice like me, are incredible.

Glues, that don't pull like strings of mozzarella cheese, paints, that don't require nasty thinning agents, airbrushing, pre-shading, post-shading, weathering - the list goes on and on.

The end result of the 1/72 scale FW190A-5 (the finished plane in the previous post) started as grey plastic in a box. I put the cockpit together, glued the two fuselage halves together and sprayed with grey primer. The glue was Tamiya Extra Thin Cement and the primer was Tamiya Fine Surface Primer. The knowledge to use these was gleaned from watching the Floyd S. Werner Jr. Master Class Clinic #1 video.


Next came pre-shading. This technique, also learnt from the video, is an attempt to highlight details of the model using dark paint that, when painted over by the top colour coat, will faintly show through to give a sense of depth. The recognition markings (in this case the yellow under the nose and on the tail) were applied, as was the masked up canopy (really fiddly work). The model becomes quite ugly at this point...

 Next, it was off to the spray booth for the colour that would be the top colour for the underside of the model and form the base for the camouflage on the topside

Notice on the last two pics how the pre-shading is showing through. After the paint had dried - about a week later for me, I masked up for the camouflage and it was back to the spray booth.

I finished the camouflage, masked off the wheel wells and painted them and then started applying decals. The kit I started with was goodness knows how many years old, and the decals started to fall apart when I tried to apply them. Patience was required but I managed to rescue them quite well I thought.

After a bit of distressing to add a sense of it not being fresh from the factory, and a couple of clear flat coats to protect it, the model was completed. The model represents an aircraft flown by Josef "Pips" Priller.

It was better than anything I had ever managed to turn out in my youth, but I can see so many flaw in it after the event, and realise that I still have some way to go before it is really that good - but saying that I am dead chuffed with how it came out and am definitely hooked. My next model will be a larger scale though I think.


  1. Nice one sweetie. Your next model is coming along well.


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